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20.12月.2017 Björk – Arisen My Senses

Björk – Arisen My Senses

26.11月.2017 Zebrahead – Blue Light Special

Zebrahead – Blue Light Special

02.10月.2017 BANG BANG ROMEO – Natural Born Astronaut

BANG BANG ROMEO – Natural Born Astronaut

28.9月.2017 Paradise – Goodbye 21st Century

Paradise – Goodbye 21st Century

20.9月.2017 Curls – Emotion

Curls – Emotion

09.9月.2017 Milburn – Nothing For You

12.7月.2017 Gogol Bordello – Walking on the Burning Coal

16.6月.2017 Matthew Sweet – Circle

17.5月.2017 KING NUN – SPONGE

26.4月.2017 the rifleband – Kill Your Darlings Mastered